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The first single from THIS IS THE ONE is...Just Sayin'!

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“Great listening to P. Hux’s new album! He’s in top voice and top songwriting form. Sweet songs, anthems to march to, it’s all there. Check it out!”

David Kahne
Producer, Paul McCartney

“Parthenon has a way of drawing inspiration from the best songs of the 60s and 70s while creating recordings that are clearly his own. And he gets better and better. I can’t quit smiling.”

Don Dixon
Producer R.E.M., Marshall Crenshaw, Smithereens

“Parthenon Huxley’s always had a knack for catchy rock & roll, and This Is the One yields some of his freshest tracks yet. I dare you to not sing along—‘Just Sayin’!’”

Holly George-Warren
Author A Man Called Destruction: The Life & Music of Alex Chilton

“Parthenon Huxley, besides possessing perhaps the best name in rock music, is a guitarist and singer of great ability. His new album is out - give it a listen.”

Al Stewart
Artist, Year of the Cat

Press Photos

P. Hux live onstage

Nov 04 Wayne PA
Nov 10 St Charles IL

Jan 18 Vienna VA
Jan 24 Charlotte NC
Feb 11 On The Blue Cruise
Feb 12 On The Blue Cruise
Feb 13 On The Blue Cruise
Feb 14 On The Blue Cruise
Feb 15 Immokalee FL
Mar 02 Easton PA
Mar 13 Lucerne Switzerland
Mar 15 Woonsocket RI
Mar 25 Rock & Romance Cruise
Mar 26 Rock & Romance Cruise
Mar 27 Rock & Romance Cruise
Apr 04 Lancaster PA
Apr 06 Barns at Wolftrap
Apr 27 Orlando FL
Apr 28 Orlando FL
Apr 29 Orlando FL
Apr 30 Orlando FL
Jun 08 Southport NC
Jun 21 Bow WA


Talk about sticking to your guns. As popular music morphs and see-saws through different styles every few years, Parthenon Huxley doggedly continues to do his thing, his way. Over a span of nine albums it's now abundantly clear that catchy songs built on sing-along melodies, guitar hooks galore and real life-inspired lyrics are what Huxley was born to write. His latest album, This Is The One, may be his best yet.

"I occasionally get the itch to follow the latest computer-based trend," says Huxley, "but it never lasts. I came up when making records was an exotic business run by professionals. I'll always record with live musicians in real studios on the best equipment. I'm rarely fashionable, but my catalogue is pretty consistent."

As in, consistently lauded with awards and honors.

Parthenon's first ever single, "Buddha, Buddha", which he produced just out of college in the '80s, was called one of the "Ten Best Records Ever Made in North Carolina" by the Greensboro Record.

Making the leap to the majors In 1988, Rolling Stone magazine called Huxley's Columbia album Sunny Nights "a monumental debut." Creative Loafing magazine named it “Album of the Year.” 

Huxley's 1995 indie masterpiece "P. Hux Deluxe" earned "Album of the Year" honors from pop bible Audities magazine. His unique take on the music of ELO--Homemade Spaceship--earned “Tribute Album of the Year” honors from the internet's largest indie community, JPF.

Back on the majors, "I Loved Everything" from Huxley's 2001 album Purgatory Falls (Universal) reached #1 on Rolling Stone's Exclusive Download Chart

As labels and artists adjusted to the internet age, Huxley turned to crowdfunding. His two most recent albums Thank You Bethesda and This Is The One were both funded by his fans through Kickstarter.

"My fans have been very faithful. Many of them are completists who own everything I've done. It's awesome to know they're out there."

Media also appreciate Huxley’s consistent sound. His music is heard worldwide in commercials, film and television. Songs by Huxley have been recorded by acts such as Foreigner, eels, Sass Jordan and Stevie Salas, all with chart success. Huxley has produced albums by Rusty Anderson (guitarist, Paul McCartney), Kyle Vincent and a young band from Bethesda MD called Arsonists Club among many others.

When not recording and performing his own music, Huxley tours the world as guitarist/singer for The Orchestra Starring ELO FORMER MEMBERS. He joined the band in 1998 when it was called ELO Part II. He produced the Orchestra album No Rewind.

"I never dreamed of joining a classic rock band, but the opportunity came my way and I jumped on it. The Orchestra is a joy. Great bandmates, great songs, great fans. And we've performed in forty or fifty countries. It lets me step in and out of my own creative process."

Huxley's own creative process has hit a new high with This Is The One.

Honors, awards and chart positions:

"Buddha, Buddha" #1 in selected radio markets

"Buddha, Buddha" Ten Best Records Ever Made in NC Greensboro Record

"Double Our Numbers" #1 in selected radio markets

"Wake Me Up" #1 in selected radio markets, Billboard Hot AC Top 20

"Hello Cruel World" #6 Billboard Alternative 

"You Don't Have To Remind Me" Billboard Album Rock Top 20

"With Heaven On Our Side" Billboard Hot AC Top 20

P. Hux "Deluxe" #1 Album of the Year 1995 Audities Magazine

P. Hux "Deluxe" Top 40 Albums of the Year 1995 Yeah Yeah Yeah

Columbia recording artist, Sunny Nights #1 LP of the Year 1988 Creative Loafing Magazine

"Every Minute" Power Pop Hits of the 90s Rhino Records

"Over London Skies" Most Requested Song of the Year 2003 PopBang Radio

Universal Recording artist, "I Loved Everything" #1 Rolling Stone Exclusive Download Chart