Mike Versaci has excellent taste

A gentleman named Michael Versaci recently posted on Facebook:

I bought this album after having been a fan of Parthenon Huxley (aka P. Hux) for at least 10 years with high expectations. It came in the mail yesterday and I popped it in the car CD player for my morning commute. It blew me away upon first listen. I was in classic rock heaven! Maybe I’m going out on a limb but I think this is the best album he’s ever recorded and I’m a fan of all of them. “Hux” is a fantastic songwriter with clever lyrics with a sense of humor coupled with sophisticated yet catchy melodies. His songs go down easy like a cool spring day. You don’t have to commit to them – you just like them. He is also an amazingly great lead and acoustic guitar player easily drifting between Hendrix and Harrison from one song to the next. His band rocks hard. The arrangements of the songs are intelligent and yet not contrived.

Folks, this album is the entire package. If you like The Beatles, XTC, 60’s and 70’s Classic Rock in general, and yes, ELO, you must buy this album. Now. You’ll thank me.

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