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Blog: The P. Hux Chronicles

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs! 

Lots of opportunities to see The Orchestra (Former ELO Members), my covers band The Suitors and P. Hux solo shows in 2015.  Check out the Shows page link below. The Orchestra will visit a bunch of places in the States we've never played before including Jacksonville FL, Louisville KY, Quapa OK and Manistee MI. The Suitors will play monthly at the awesome K of C Lounge beginning in January!


Just Slightly More Fun 

Yesterday was the always-painful anniversary of John Lennon's murder. Beyond the horror and cowardice of the act itself, beyond the loss suffered by his wife, family and close friends, beyond the anguish felt by a billion (reasonable estimate I'd think) fans…it struck me after watching this video of the Dick Cavett show (link below) that the past 34 years would've been just slightly more fun with John Lennon among the alive and well. 

Dick Cavett Show


These people were not meant to die 

Not everyone loves this kind of video, but I do.  It literally makes me yell out loud.  I feel like the crazy stuff captured on camera can be seen in a number of ways…it might mean that we humans are often idiots…we're miraculously lucky…we're truly protected by guardian angels…or all the above.  Enjoy some amazing, gasp-worthy images in this vid:

Not for the faint of heart

Sears not backing down 

I was in a Sears today.  They didn't have what I was looking for, but I took a little stroll through the store just for fun…well, that's a bit of an overstatement.  It wasn't really fun, but it was interesting, in a land-that-time-forgot kind of way. I gotta hand it to Sears.  They're not going to be browbeaten into 21st century merchandising techniques.  You know how people today enjoy stores that are "cool" or "fun" or "clean"?  Sears is having none of it.  Just stick the stuff on racks or put it on the… Read more

For Beatle Freaks Only 

I'm reading The Beatles: All These Years Vol. 1 TUNE IN by Mark Lewisohn. If you love the Beatles, this book will tell you everything you could possibly want to know, and then some, about the Fabs.  It's amazing.  Vol. 1 is all about the early years, and it ends, after 803 pages, with the release of their first album. Yeah, it's insane. For guys like me, who consider the Beatles' story to be THE epic tale of our times, TUNE IN is a fascinatingly detailed tome. All the gaps in this well-known story are… Read more

Tracks & Treasure Review 

Don't you love your hard drive?  I find all kinds of things on there.  Here's a nice review of Tracks & Treasures Vol 1 by Fred Mills, ace music writer.

P. Hux   Tracks & Treasure Volume 1

(nine18 records) www.parthenonhuxley.com


Tarheel ex-pat Parthenon Huxley, currently based in the D.C. area and a member of ELO (aka "The Orchestra"), has a sterling rock ‘n' lineage stretching back to a series of seminal mid/late ‘70s Chapel Hill indie combos. Along the way, he's earned a… Read more

My favorite music video in years 

I posted this to FB a while back, but it deserves another post here.  This is the funniest cartoon about recording, producing, creative techniques, songwriting credit, rock history, vanity, inside music jokes, etc that I've ever seen. It's kind of a miracle that it exists. I was reading Bowie's biography, Star Man, and doing the occasional dip into YouTube to find songs I'd never heard before, such as "Can't Help Thinking About Me", an awesome 1966 harbinger of The Bowie To Come, when I stumbled on this… Read more

Thank You Bethesda Magazine 

Looks like I'm not the only one mixing "Bethesda" into the arts.  Here's a little piece in the most recent issue of Bethesda Magazine that mentions my latest album Thank You Bethesda.

Bethesda Magazine


Kid, I was chuggin' espresso before your Mama graduated grade school! 

The other day in Trader Joe's I purchased two large cans of dark roasted beans.  A helpful 20-something employee asked me, "Sir, do you have a machine to grind these at home?"  (Translation: "Old man, you do realize you're buying beans, not NesCafe, right?") I held my tongue. "Yeah. I do."  Coffee is kind of my thing. Anyone who's had my homemade Soy Latte can attest to my skills. I absolutely need a cup of personality in the morning or I'll never get Mr. Grumpy out of my head. On the road I am a loyal… Read more

Random Free Downloads on the Music Page 

Check in with my music page when you visit…I'll be making random songs available for free download from time to time.  The latest free track is "Love Is The Greatest Thing" from Thank You Bethesda.  I'd love it if you bought a few others, of course, but that's just my starving artist talking!

Mike Versaci has excellent taste 

A gentleman named Michael Versaci recently posted on Facebook:

I bought this album after having been a fan of Parthenon Huxley (aka P. Hux) for at least 10 years with high expectations. It came in the mail yesterday and I popped it in the car CD player for my morning commute. It blew me away upon first listen. I was in classic rock heaven! Maybe I’m going out on a limb but I think this is the best album he’s ever recorded and I’m a fan of all of them. “Hux” is a fantastic songwriter with clever lyrics with a… Read more

VIDEO: overdubbing guitar on "Love Is The Greatest Thing" 

While making Thank You Bethesda I spent a lot of time in Mark Williams' Suckerpunch Studio. I mean a LOT of time. Recording is fun, but when you do it for hours and hours you can kind of lose your mind, in a good way. Somehow we still managed to get work done.  Check it out.

What a show! 

 I saw Aerosmith live, Saturday, Sept 6th, 2014, with opener Slash.  

The reason I went to the show is this guy, Alex Leipold, one of my more talented guitar students.  Alex is a huge fan of Slash, and many months ago Alex mentioned Slash was opening for Aerosmith in our area.  I said, "Hmmm…let me see if I can arrange something.  A guy I know works for Aerosmith."

That guy is this guy, John Shipp.  John's a brilliant front-of-house engineer who used to work for my band The Orchestra. We had quite a few sonic… Read more

When Waltzing Was Wacky 

I recently noticed that both Buffalo Springfield and the Beatles enjoyed switching between waltz time (123,123) and standard 4/4 (1234) in the same song.  You're probably more familiar with the Beatles' use of this neat trick. For instance the verses of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ("Picture yourself in a boat on a river…") are in waltz time, but the chorus ("Lucy in the sky-y with diamonds…") is in 4/4.  On We Can Work It Out, John's bridge goes from 4/4 ("Life is very short and there's no time…") to… Read more

The Birth of Rock and Roll 


According to most sources, Trixie Smith came up with this song in 1922.  "My Daddy Rocks Me (With A Steady Roll)" looks to be the first linking of "rock" and "roll" and its subject matter couldn't be clearer.  (There's also a version called "My Man Rocks Me…"). A great tradition was unleashed and I'm glad to be a small pebble in its roaring path.

Cleveland Examiner notes my "guitar hero charisma" 

Here's a story from the Cleveland Examiner about The Orchestra's performance there in August, 2014.  Unusually, most of the facts are correct (with the exception of Bev Bevan's last name among other small things) so hats off to to writer Pete Roche who seemed to really enjoy the show.  I'm glad he ditched the legal history of the band and focused more on what actually happened on stage--that's what people pay money to see and hear IMHO.

Review of our show in Cleveland

Hotel Art 

The Orchestra performed in Sydney, Nova Scotia during summer 2014.  Sydney's a small city on a natural harbor.  It's got that "northern" feel…birch trees, lots of uninterrupted forest, old wooden houses, etc.  We stayed at the Martin Arms hotel.  On the third floor at the top of the stairs I was captivated by this piece of art.  Surely there's a heartwarming story behind it.



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