Sunny Nights: CD
  • Sunny Nights: CD
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Recorded mostly in Los Angeles by Hux and Grammy-winning producer David Kahne, SN features songs written by Hux in his 20s. The album contains Hux's first collaborations with his pal Rusty Anderson (now guitarist with Paul McCartney) including the fiery "Guest Host For The Holy Ghost." Released by Columbia in 1988, the album's singles were "Chance To Be Loved" and "Double Our Numbers". Despite glowing press and growing airplay in several major markets, Columbia's marketing ceased early on and the album is now a collector's item. Track List: 1. Chance To Be Loved 2. Double Our Numbers 3. Compromise 4. Button 5. Saving The Planets 6. Guest Host For The Holy Ghost 7. Shoebox 8. Buddha, Buddha 9. Something In My Heart Stopped 10. Don't Worry

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