Mile High Fan: CD
  • Mile High Fan: CD
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A collection of previously unreleased post-"Sunny Nights" recordings. Starring the lineup of Hux's live band from Los Angeles: Rusty Anderson (now guitarist for Paul McCartney), Jen Condos (bassist for Ray LaMontage among others) and Rob Ladd, Hux's bandmate from Me & Dixon back in his Chapel Hill days. 15 tracks and full color booklet with the story behind each song. TRACK LIST: 1. R.E.D. 2. Bazooka Joe 3. Dozers Away 4. Goodbye, Tirana 5. Junkies 6. Mile High Fan 7. Pages of Love 8. Change Tomorrow 9. Shiny Sun 10. Walls Must Fall 11. The Big One 12. This Isn't Yesterday 13. Princess Jekyll Mrs. Hyde 14. Your Dream The World Becomes 15. That's What They Say

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