Wait A Second Let Me Say Something For A Second 

This insane mp3 was sent to me by a guy named James Tipper a while back. (Thanks, James!) It's from a 1989 live performance by my band in Monterey CA. The song, well it's not really a song, scratch that. The "piece" is a joke we created in rehearsal and thought it was really funny. In fact, we thought it was funny enough to inflict on an audience. I am amazed we did this. I apologize now, 28 years later. 

What IS funny is how good my band was, despite doing stuff like this: Rusty Anderson (now with Paul McCartney + too many others to mention), Jen Condos (Ray LaMontagne and too many others to mention) and Rob Ladd (Me & Dixon, Roger Daltrey, too many others to mention).

Confession: I still think it's kinda funny.

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