THIS IS THE ONE: Best quotes from the experts!

Here are some of my favorite quotes for my latest album THIS IS THE ONE. If you trust these amazing people's opinions, go to and purchase a copy!

“Great listening to P. Hux’s new album! He’s in top voice and top songwriting form. Sweet songs, anthems to march to, it’s all there. Check it out!” 
David Kahne 
Producer Paul McCartney, Bangles, Sublime 

“Parthenon has a way of drawing inspiration from the best songs of the 60s and 70s while creating recordings that are clearly his own. And he gets better and better. I can’t quit smiling.” 
Don Dixon 
Producer R.E.M., Marshall Crenshaw, Smithereens 

“Parthenon Huxley’s always had a knack for catchy rock & roll, and This Is the One yields some of his freshest tracks yet. I dare you to not sing along—‘Just Sayin’!’” 
Holly George-Warren 
Author: A Man Called Destruction: The Life & Music of Alex Chilton 

“Parthenon Huxley, besides possessing perhaps the best name in rock music, is a guitarist and singer of great ability. His new album is out soon - give it a listen.” 
Al Stewart 
Artist, Year of the Cat 

“P. Hux's new release, This Is The One, is a thrilling musical ride earmarked by thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics, commanding vocals and plenty o’ infectious hooks…everything you’d expect from this perennially gifted tunesmith.” 
Ken Sharp 
Artist, Author 

“P. Hux’s tunes are in the archetypal melodic guitar rock texture…but with his trademark clever songwriting/arranging style, clear signature voice with intelligent and heartfelt lyrics.” 
Rusty Anderson 
Artist, guitarist Paul McCartney 

"Looking for a Classic Rock Cake that uses organic, carefully cultivated ingredients from both the British and American pantries? Well, my friend, look no further! This Is The One!!!!!" 
Sass Jordan 
Artist, Canadian Idol Judge 

"Not many people are doing this genre of music at the level of Parthenon Huxley. He's got it all - songcraft, production, vocals, guitar chops. Long live P. Hux!" 
Linus of Hollywood 
Artist, Producer 

"Parthenon the man is exactly like his music: timeless…and fantastic and memorable and loaded with surprises at every turn. All hail P. Hux!" 
Damon Johnson 
Artist, Guitarist, Singer, Black Star Riders 

Parthenon Huxley has always had that rare ability to seamlessly seesaw from rockin' power popper to heart-tuggin' tender vocalist, and his latest album showcases this talent in spades. "This Is The One" is a summer blend of Beach Boys, 10cc, ELO (duh), KISS, McCartney/Beatles, maybe even a bit of Coldplay. "Song For James" is a beautiful ode featuring shimmering guitars and that tender voice promising, "One day, you're gonna see it's OK" - a message we desperately need right about now. 
Kyle Vincent 
Aritst, producer 

“Parthenon of THE coolest names in rock n roll...has made some beautiful music. Expertly crafted pop songs that go beyond ‘pop’. Great vocals and playing, have a listen!” 
Jason Orme 
Artist, guitarist Alanis Morissette 

“Parthenon’s always provided a torrent of relatable sentiments, memorable hooks and honest rockers. The newest tunes are all that and more. Yay!” 
Jim Jacobsen 
Composer, Producer eels 

“These new Hux tunes make my car stereo very happy. And when my car stereo is happy, I’M happy.” 
Jude Gold 
Guitar Player Magazine 

"Wow! Absolutely Pop Genius, but SO much more! There's never a dull moment; the tracks just keep progressing. How could you not like it? It's aggressive but never harsh. I'm blown away. I have listened on my phone, in my car, and in a control room - cranked, and lemme tell ya it deserves to be heard loud. It's so rockin, so big, and full of wonderful surprises! THIS IS THE ONE!" 
Aaron Failes 
Artist, guitarist Dwight Twilley


  • Bertram Ladner
    Bertram Ladner Berkeley, CA
    I heard you on the “No Guitar is Safe” podcast and was very impressed with the songs of yours that you shared from the newest album. Very awesome work.

    I heard you on the “No Guitar is Safe” podcast and was very impressed with the songs of yours that you shared from the newest album.

    Very awesome work.

  • Parthenon Huxley
    Parthenon Huxley
    Thanks, Bertram!

    Thanks, Bertram!

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