My new album is in progress

I'm recording overdubs on songs for my upcoming album THIS IS THE ONE. Once again I'm working with Mark Williams at Suckerpunch in Bethesda. Mark co-produced my previous album Thank You Bethesda.

Here's a peek behind the scenes. 

I was determined to write a "shuffle" for this record because they're so much fun to play lead guitar over (just ask Billy Gibbons). So I came up with a song called "That's When I Know" that fits the bill. We've been calling it "Thin Pie" because it's got a little bit of Thin Lizzy and Humble Pie to it. Here are two videos of attempts to nail a guitar solo in one take. In this first video, the solo gets a little wooly. Probably not a keeper. In the second video everything seemed to hold together right through to the end, and I even pay a brief tribute to Mr. Gibbons in the middle, not that I'd planned on it. Check 'em out.

Close but no cigar:

I think it's a keeper!

Look for Kickstarter Launch on Wednesday Nov. 1, 2017!


  • Cuz
    Cuz Ohio
    Sounds rockin

    Sounds rockin

  • Kim
    Kim Long Island
    I can't wait to hear the final product! :)

    I can't wait to hear the final product! smile

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