My favorite music video in years

I posted this to FB a while back, but it deserves another post here.  This is the funniest cartoon about recording, producing, creative techniques, songwriting credit, rock history, vanity, inside music jokes, etc that I've ever seen. It's kind of a miracle that it exists. I was reading Bowie's biography, Star Man, and doing the occasional dip into YouTube to find songs I'd never heard before, such as "Can't Help Thinking About Me", an awesome 1966 harbinger of The Bowie To Come, when I stumbled on this cartoon that parodies Bowie's work in Berlin on the album Low. What's amazing about the parody is that there is nothing inherently funny about Bowie recording Low.  Animation geniuses the Brothers McLeod plucked this out of thin air.  The Tony Visconti quote about the Eventide Harmonizer is legit, BTW.

Bowie Recording in Berlin

And here's the cool early song:

Great early Bowie song

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