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I'm reading The Beatles: All These Years Vol. 1 TUNE IN by Mark Lewisohn. If you love the Beatles, this book will tell you everything you could possibly want to know, and then some, about the Fabs.  It's amazing.  Vol. 1 is all about the early years, and it ends, after 803 pages, with the release of their first album. Yeah, it's insane. For guys like me, who consider the Beatles' story to be THE epic tale of our times, TUNE IN is a fascinatingly detailed tome. All the gaps in this well-known story are filled in. For instance, we know that John lost his mom Julia when she was run over by an off duty policeman. TUNE IN has the police report of the accident that cost Julia her life, recollections from the people who were there at the scene of the accident, quotes from the poor remorseful guy who ran her over, quotes from John's Aunt Mimi, who'd just walked her sister to the street after Julia's unusual visit to Mimi's home at Mendips, etc.  TUNE IN is like reading a novel 50 years after the Cliff Notes.

Another bit, among hundreds, I found really interesting was learning more about Stu Sutcliffe and his art. It's long been said he was a great painter, but what painters influenced him?  What style was he into?  TUNE IN tells us who Stu Sutcliffe's favorite painter was. It comes up in the book because for the Beatles' first ever tour in Scotland, the boys all took on stage names. George became Carl Harrison (after Carl Perkins), Paul went for French sizzle with Paul Ramon and Stu became Stuart De Stael, after Nicolas De Stael.  Here in the Google age, it's easy to check out De Stael's stuff (see link below).  It tells us a lot about Stu to see De Stael's work, which is quite beautiful.

Stu Sutcliffe's favorite artist

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